Cold beds in Lech

Lighting up the Arlberg – for the future of the region

Baustopp Lech, ein Statement aus Schröcken - The Heimat auf 1495m

On 6 July 2021, the Austrian daily newspaper DiePresse ran the headline: “Dead houses – Construction work stops for investors in Lech am Arlberg”. According to DiePresse, a new ban on the “uncontrolled growth of lifeless chalets” in the fashionable neighbouring village had already been in force for two years. Reportedly, the purpose of the ban was to give the municipal council time to revise its zoning plan. Moving forward, the goal is that the villagers should see fewer dark windows in winter – the liveliness and vibrancy of Lech should be preserved for the benefit of its residents. The construction project in nearby Schröcken-Nesslegg, on the other hand, can be seen as a textbook example both in this region and beyond.

Following the ban on designating new properties as second homes, which came into force several years ago, dubious investor models have proliferated in Lech and other ski resorts, enabling the construction of a large number “dead chalets” with “cold beds” – in other words: profits over vibrancy. This has inevitably harmed a community like Lech, which is rich in tradition. But how are things developing “next door” in the small Bregenzerwald town of Schröcken, where The Heimat apartment buildings are being completed at 1,495 m?

The Arlberg: a vibrant feel-good region

In contrast to the majority of property developers, the project management team behind The Heimat auf 1495m decided from the outset to ensure strict compliance with the law and to prioritise a business location with a future over a purely “capital investment” approach, which would have resulted in more cold beds and dark windows all year round. After all, the reputation of the Arlberg with its vibrant, charismatic villages stems from their liveliness, strong sense of tradition and wide range of amenities and activities in both summer and winter.

The Arlberg Alpin Aparts – the project name for the exclusive DoubleTree by Hilton and the attached apartment buildings in The Heimat auf 1495m – comply fully with the latest legal requirements set forth in the Spatial Planning Act (Raumplanungsgesetz). Together with the province of Vorarlberg and the municipality of Schröcken, the project management team has agreed to a forward-looking zoning and project-security contract, which brings enormous economic planning security for the Bregenzerwald, Hochtannberg and Arlberg regions and rules out these unwanted investment models.

A bright future for all stakeholders through a strong tourism concept

The DoubleTree by Hilton and The Heimat auf 1495m will generate an enormous economic output for the Hinteren Bregenzerwald – a big plus for the entire Arlberg region!

  • The entire building is being constructed by skilled craftspeople from the local region. Many of the contractors are SMEs from Vorarlberg – an important economic factor for countless businesses and families, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. But the project is also delivering on its promises with regard to the construction materials – with a focus on regional identity and sustainability.
  • When it opens in 2022/23, the apartment buildings and hotel will create dozens of new jobs for jobseekers at all qualification levels. For the residents of smaller villages in the surrounding area, such as Warth, Schröcken Schoppernau as well as the nearby Tyrolean villages, this will then open up new career opportunities in the immediate vicinity.
  • The Arlberg Alpin Aparts are a magnet for new domestic and foreign guests – a factor that is also having an impact in terms of taxation. Since the start of construction and over the course of the project, taxes in the upper six-figure range have accrued annually, to the benefit of the entire population of Vorarlberg.
  • 130 rooms in the DoubleTree by Hilton alone are serviced around 300 days a year – “cold beds” are thus non-existent almost all year round. On top of this, there are the rented holiday properties in the apartment buildings, which bring additional paying guests to the Arlberg and generate highly attractive returns for their owners.

The developer of The Heimat auf 1495m is thus clearly working hard to prevent cold beds by all means possible. Finally, a further goal is that the entire project should contribute to the ongoing development of the Nesslegg location and the wider region. By preserving the area’s character and traditions, and ensuring positive interactions with the local residents, the future of the Arlberg as a tourism and feel-good region will be ensured for the long term. And this is exactly what the project management team is striving for.

New ownership models for exceptional holiday apartments

In addition to numerous holiday apartments for the owners’ personal use, a small number of properties in the apartment building The Heimat auf 1495m have been designated for use as holiday apartments. Apartment A1.3 on the first floor is an example of this, with an unobstructed view of the source valley of the gently meandering Bregenzer Ache river, which is still young in this area. The apartment is available with a newly designated ownership model based on rental with an attractive return on investment. From the twenty-first year of use, the apartment can be used solely as a second home. Of course, private rentals can then be arranged without a problem. In other words, the fortunate owners of these second homes can choose whether to profitably sublet them or use them themselves as they see fit.

The spectacular A4.40 holiday apartment, which spans two floors and is officially designated as a second home, is the last freely available new-build property of its kind on the Arlberg. Its unique “old” ownership model was successfully swapped with that of another existing property – creating an extremely rare opportunity for lovers of the region to relocate their holiday home here! In this way, The Heimat auf 1495m is raising the exclusive appeal of the Arlberg region to a new level.

The centre of life for all generations

With new jobs created, “warm” guest beds and a skiing and hiking area that remains on the up and up with a focus on soft tourism – The Heimat and the DoubleTree by Hilton jointly represent the future of this region. They are places of longing for holidaymakers, a welcome boon for the local communities and a secure source of income for the apartment owners – for the benefit of everyone across all generations.

Arrange a viewing now!

The renowned Haus Widderstein, which is undergoing renovation, and the last remaining new-build apartments can be viewed by appointment. Combine your excursion in Vorarlberg and Tyrol with a visit to your dream apartment at 1,495 m.




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