Golfing on Arlberg
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125 years ago, Pastor Johann Müller from Warth imported the first pair of skis from Scandinavia and started swooping down the slopes of the Tannberg between Warth, Schröcken and Lech. Others soon followed; mostly schoolchildren from the region who built their own skis from barrel planks. They popularised the new way of getting about, and a legend was born. Ever since, skiing has been closely connected with Arlberg and has made the region world famous.

Yet Arlberg is a popular destination for visitors from all over the world not only in winter. From spring to autumn, lush vegetation blossoms and flourishes in the mountainscape in all colours, shapes and fragrances. Nature lovers and pleasure-seekers travel here from far and wide to relax, go hiking, spend time with loved ones, or improve their golfing handicap. Golfing on Arlberg – the fascination of the Alps in winter & summer.

Alpine golf clubs in Vorarlberg & Tyrol

Over the past few decades, three excellent golf courses have developed around Arlberg. Surrounded by unique mountain scenery, you can tee off here from May to October. Play on gentle hills, in green valleys, between leafy woods and over gushing rivers. Golfers can round off a successful day’s putting with great company in the club restaurant, or enjoy drinks in the Halfway Haus. Beginners and advanced players can choose between two 9-hole and one 18-hole course as well as practicing on various driving ranges.

It takes just 30 to 60 minutes from Schröcken or Warth to travel in comfort either by car or in the private golf shuttle to the courses in Lech, St. Anton or Ausserbraz.

Lech Golf Club

Golfgenuss auf höchstem Niveau

Idyllisch im Zugertal gelegen, spielt man auf dem Golfplatz von Lech am Arlberg auf beiden Seiten der Lech – dem letzten Wildfluss im nördlichen Alpenraum. Besonders nahe zu Schröcken-Nesslegg gelegen, ist der Golfclub Lech in unter einer halben Stunde erreichbar.

Nestled idyllically in the Zugertal valley, the golf course of Lech on Arlberg stretches over both sides of the Lech – the last wild river in the Northern Alpine region. The golf club is situated under half an hour away from Schröcken-Nesslegg.

Highlights of Lech Golf Club:

  • 2 practice areas and one driving range
  • 9-hole golf course at 1,500 metres above sea level
  • Club restaurant
  • Pro shop

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Arlberg Golf Club

Fairways against a breathtaking mountain backdrop

Founded in 1985, the golf course is situated in the Nasserein district of St. Anton on Arlberg. In winter it’s a skier’s paradise. The rest of the year, beginners and professionals alike come here to hone their driving skills.

Highlights of St. Anton Golf Club:

  • 9-hole golf course at 1,304 metres above sea level
  • Equipment hire service
  • Training and beginner’s courses in stunning surroundings
  • Children’s afternoons

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Bludenz-Braz Golf Club

The joy of Alpine golfing in the Southern Vorarlberg

This idyllic golf course is a must for all golfers who have a little more time to explore. At a distance of roughly 1 hour by car, this course is the furthest away from Schröcken-Nesslegg / Arlberg, but it offers a spectacular golfing experience in the Klostertal valley.

Highlights of Bludenz-Braz Golf Club:

  • Modern practice range with 18 teeing grounds
  • 18-hole course at an altitude of some 750 metres above sea level
  • Club restaurant
  • Halfway Haus (snacks & drinks)
  • Pro shop

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Photo: Golfing in October in Klostertal | kindly provided by Golfclub Bludenz-Braz